by Cult of Reborn

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Ivan Duilo
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Ivan Duilo One of best death/black metal band in Croatia. Evil sound, awesome vocals, warm, but strong guitars, everything you expect from old school band of this genre. Favorite track: The Fear Has Grown.
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released January 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Cult of Reborn Šibenik, Croatia

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Track Name: Last Will

Servants of light
Gods of flesh
Bloodthirsty soul
Of children possessed
Choking my breath
More and more
I feel sick
As never before

Servants of light
Gods of flesh
Open my chest
And guide me through pain
Feast on my flesh
Your lord to summon
Feed your beast
Before the grave

Gain my suffer
Take my flesh
Burn my soul
You can't possess
I'm on fire
So fulfilled
You never lived

Eternal life
The one's creation
One life under one will
Eternal cry
For those who not obey
Just this one I wish
Track Name: Adept to Nothing

Tormented in the hall
Of flesh piercing cold
Where the night is
Everlasting and dread
Only heat
The baneful eyes of the lord
Crawling on your belly
So weak and decayed

Suffering art
Through pain I perceive
Clouding my vision
Are the shackles of defeat

Suffering the wounds
The rotten, self inflicted
Worse than pain
Is the filth and the shame
Prayers of deliverance
Meaningless will falter
Yet death as final hope
Still remains

Testing my strength
To know and to will
To dare to be silent
To go in on the kill
Rapture in anguish
Treasures only for bold
Mercy for weaklings
Stronghold of forlorn
Track Name: No More

Pray for your world
Not for me
This soul is dying
It burns to be free
Words are chains
Now enslave me
Oh, Creator
Is this world you dream

Pull out my eyes
Cut of my heart
And make me bleed
I hope that make you see
Your sky is not
Enough for all

Your lust is bigger
Than faith it gives
Bigger than
Good and mercy
And now all
Your honeyed words
No one can rule forever

Pray for your world
Not for me
This soul is dying
It burns to be free
Words are chains
Now enslave me
Oh creator
Is this world you dream

Should I care any more
No more
Track Name: New Dawn

Age of blood, hunger and thirst
Cannot be healed
Endless floods we rise for you to see
For ages we're crawling so we shall no more
Now reborn for a new dawn

This hell is the curse you cannot clean
Truth's what we must to reveal
There is no saviour, there is no pure
The king is not to return

There is no saviour, there is no pure
The king is not to return
Only the throne, stone cold and tall
An empire soon to fall

Hail new dawn
Track Name: Anguish

Damned to hell
This anguish never ceases
Blinded in pain
The vultures hunger still
Shredded to pieces
In torment I still linger
Suffocating abhorrence shroud the dark abyss

Madness aproaches
Eternal black abode
Inside the torn apart
The vessel of forlorn
Cometh thy kingdom
The meek truly inherit
Existence in ignorance covers me with bliss

Symphonies of sickness, severance, dismay
Crimes against the reason
Treason and betrayal
Override the overture and spit upon the truth
Die upon a wicked cross
Cursed be the blessed few

Pierce me through the side
Savour my desperate screams
Laugh throughout my pain
This horror is unreal
Track Name: The Fear Has Grown

With first creation
The fear was born
Under flags of wisdom
That fear has grown
Under wings of a vulture
Still they search for home
Some dream of power and some about love

An empire, wonderland
Suffocating it the smoke of gunpowder
An empire, wonderland
Masses in eternal slumber

I'm torn on the wheel that turns
I'm the plague that heals and revives

Those who think they saw a light
Let them go for it
Let them be enlighted by the fear
I am chained
In disbelief I wonder
I am burning
Mouth to dry to scream
Track Name: Undying

Undying, unclean at all
Rise again, break the fourth wall
Rise again
End this light
Burning sky sleeping in your sight

Unleash the nght forever
Long and distant dream
Unleash the night forever
Pure, cold and grim

Undying, unclean at all
Open the ways now forgone
Take the stray one by one
Through the void soon to come

These eyes are slow and silent
Blood runs still clean and warm
Beneath this skin we suffer
Spell the name so we can call